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HST C230 Economy

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The HST C230 Economy is a comprehensive solution for a limited budget. The hockey treadmill is developed in a minimal configuration with simplified requirements for the premises where it will be installed. That is why we offer three package extensions to increase the level of the training environment with the HST C230 skatemill to a hockey diagnostic training center with an additional investment.

  • Speed increase to 35 km / h.
  • Reverse mode.
  • SW – Instructor.
  • System of automatic lubrication.
  • System skating technique analysis.
  • Hockey training euipment.
  • Multimedia – notebook, 2 cameras.
  • Synthetic Ice 35 m2.
  • 1st extention – System of upgrade of hockey treadmill.
  • 2nd extention – System of extention and integration of training equipment.
  • Shooting Navigation system for shooting development.
  • Live Delay system.
  • Laser education tool.
  • Stride Power – console, HW, SW.
  • Podium around the HST.
  • Side podium covers.
  • Mats and additional constructions.
  • Rails.
  • Stairs.
  • Nets – front and sides.
  • Consoles for multimedia protection.
  • Multimedia and cables set – PC, 2 monitors, 1 touch screen, 1 big monitor.
You can choose any extension, depending on your wishes and capabilities. Additional package extensions are customizable and optional. The exact configuration of the extension must be clarified before ordering. Write us to have an additional information.
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