Hockey Skating Treadmill

Video demonstration of Hockey Skating Treadmill 6th generation, its most interesting features and powerful add-ons.

Characteristics of our HST

Proper Individual Training

Integration with Fusion Skating Skatemill package - software, hardware and methodology.

Noise reduction

Quite operation on high speed (75-80 dB noise level on max speed).

Free puck movement

Puck is able to move from HST to puckplate and back.

More about Skating Treadmill

Why Hockey Skating Treadmill?

Over the last decades the importance of systematized approach to athletes in team sports has rapidly grown. It is not possible anymore to only rely on the talent of a player and/or quantity of players so you can pick the best and the most talented. The need to resolve systemized preparation of players is beginning to show. This new approach brings new technologies and methodologies to hockey. The Hockey Skating treadmill in combination with the correct methodology and with new training routines is the answer to the need for streamlining and improving the quality of individual preparation of a player and team preparation. Read More

How to choose Hockey Skating Treadmill

Important things to remember. Since the person wants to invest in an expensive piece of equipment it is important to assess the criteria for a correct selection of a hockey skating treadmill.
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Hockey skating treadmill - 6th generation

We are proud to present how much of difference 6th generation Hockey skating treadmill can make with boosting & advancing your diagnostic and training possibilities. Providing better individual training for all age groups ranging from beginner, amateur to professional hockey players.
There is no customer who can’t be satisfied!

Choose your treadmill

HST A230 006 Professional edition

Skating treadmill with top notch unique diagnostic-training features.

HST Economy line

Price performance value product.

Right during my first try I realized some imperfections in skating and stability, which were later confirmed by the video. The greatest benefit of the Skating Treadmill is for sure improvement of independent arm and leg coordination. It is highly effective and can be adapted to individual needs.

Hockey Skating Treadmill is a tremendous complement for hockey players to their regular training process. A great advantage of the system is its video analysis feature which captures a player during his basic individual game activities (skating, stick handling) and may straight away asses mistakes and propose corrections.

I believe that the purpose of training on the Skating Treadmill must be clear to all. It can help us boost our shooting skills while skating continuously which is essential for hockey.

To teach a kid perfect skating is very demanding. It is very though motion, it is rather unnatural motion. It is not walking, it is not running, which means it is very demanding. Hockey Skating Treadmill can be just perfect for them.