Hockey Skating Treadmill Configuration

Choose which option suits you best according to your project budget.

Business customization/

We offer various solutions:

  • Buy only single hockey skating treadmill.
  • Buy hockey skating treadmill with state of the art stickhandling plate*.
  • Buy Fusion Skating package, which on top of it includes various additional important product addons to improve your diagnostic-training process.
  • Buy a Hockey Center Package, which offers integrated solution of hockey center for individual preparation of the players and streamlining of team preparation

* For two Hockey Skating Treadmill configuration we do offer double stickhandling plates

We scratched only the surface...

There is much more into development of effective tools for the individual player development as an addition to the team preparation. In addition to training and diagnostic methods we are trying to link other areas that affect gaming performance.

Our team of experts has been creating integrated solutions for individual hockey-players development via creation of Hockey Development Centers - HDC using most progressive diagnostic and training technology from Europe and overseas.

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Check Out Videos

Hockey Skating Treadmill

Video demonstration of Hockey Skating Treadmill 6th generation most interesting features and its powerful add-ons.

Hockey Development Centre

Video showing HST Skating Treadmills as a part of Hockey Development Centers. HDC centers are through specialized targeted training a preferred assistant for improving player’s performance. Provided hockey oriented training system has two basic attributes.

  • Effective & unique players technique improvement, which should help in solving game situations.
  • Provide strengthening of the player, wherein trainings are physically suitable for hockey.
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