6th generation Hockey skating treadmill

In the hockey diagnostic training center, or in your personal hockey zone and even in entertainment complex. There you can use the HST hockey treadmill to develop individual skills such as: skating technique, shooting, and peripheral vision. Check the HST properties listed below and write us which HST configuration is the most appropriate for you.

World Excellence Features

  • Comprehensive diagnostic & training system (methodology).
  • Integrability with other relevant products (Instructor, Live delay, Skating analysis, Shooting navigation, Peripheral navigation,...).
  • Superior access convey & surrounding zone (stickhandling plate).
  • Low noise in all speed operation zone (72 dB!!! only).
  • On line operation monitoring (among others to know actual, daily or total operation of treadmill.
  • Stride power (measuring of power skating).


Choose which option suits you best according to your project budget.
We offer various solutions.

* For two Hockey Skating Treadmill configuration we do offer double stickhandling plates

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Important Features

  • Facility planning and Visualization assistance (Placed and build with sense – there is nothing worse than, placing Skating Treadmill in front of a wall).
  • State of the art Hockey Skating Treadmill (constant development with own facilities feedback).
  • Speed and power training for all types of players .
  • Barrier free transition between skatemill and synthetic ice environment for long passes and shooting from Skatemill (shoot and get passes from anywhere on puckplate or skating treadmill!).
  • Puck decks with dilatation system – expansion compensation with temperature change.
  • Firm skating surface imitating real ice feel with no resonating system in high speeds.
  • Non-obstacle hockey training (There is nothing in the way for your passing and shooting trainings, not a single pillar…).
  • Advanced control & display technology of Hockey Skating Treadmills with remote control & touch screen.
  • Highest standard of customer assistance and service on the market (online skating treadmill monitoring with monthly operation and service data).
  • Most optional add-ons on the market for professional Hockey Development Center (Diagnostic and learning enhancement addons, Wingate test equipment and methodology).
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